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Title Strength
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: AxA
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Yamane Ayano owns the Finder Series.
Warning:Supernatural? OOC, crack, a lot of mistakes, english is not my first language

because this is a new fic and i'm a little unsure about this one this will be F-locke until this is finished or at least half of it.

Title: Strength

Pairing: AxA

Warning: NC-17

Disclaimer: Yamane Ayano sensei owns it.

1- Love Bite

It was a hot summer day, it was one of those days where you couldn't fell one single breeze and it was hard to breath. Kids played in the fountain; couples walked and made picnics under the threes, youngsters played and birds singed.

Akihito was walking in the park near Asami's penthouse, camera on one hand and bottle of water in another, he was taking pictures of everything he find beautiful, it was too hot and he would not stay locked in the penthouse, yes the penthouse had AC but still too boring.

He was wearing shorts that begun below his belly button and showed a little of his pelvis and kelvin Klein boxer and ended above of his knees and a light blue tank top that ended in his belly button and showed creamy skin and he put on black sandals.

He was taking pictures of a couple who were walking happy and holding hands and smiling, he thought of himself and Asami, one day will they be like tha No… en if he wanted it would never happen, Asami was a cruel man who showed no mercy or felling for any human being, he cared for no one and sometimes not even for Akihito, he was just a mere fuck toy, a pet, nothing&helli I can't believe even after the Hong Kong incident one year has passed and Asami still want's me by his side as a lover? Pet? Slave? I... just don't know… Yes he now treat's me as a person and show a little of care for me but still I never heard him say he likes me or hates me… Nothing&hellip Every time Akihi thought that his chest would hurt and would fell empty inside.

He was still taking pictures for his private collection when he was bit by a bug

"OUCH! What the hell?!" He said frustrated at the pain the bug gave him, he looked up and saw what looked like a beetle but it was blu Damn that hurt… anyway I wish Asami could care a little more about me and tell me if is love or just lust he feels for me and that we could be like a real couple hah… marry have ki he blushed at the thought mean adopt a kid if necessary… I'm a fool… these are wishes only girls have&helli He came back to reality when he felt a little dizzy and he presumed it was because of the weather and because he was dehydrated.

He drank from his bottle of water and took a couple of pictures and returned home.

He got inside of the penthouse and it was cool, it was good so he decided to take a bath with fresh water and after that make dinner even if Asami would only be home after 3 a.m.

He walked to Asami bedroom and straight to the bathroom while living a trail of clothing behind him, the last piece of cloth, his boxer, where right at the bedroom entrance.

Asami got home a little after Akihito, he ordered Kirishima to clear his schedule for the evening so he could spend it with Akihito. He got inside and was greeted with a tank top right at the entrance, he looked forward and saw short interesti he thought, he took of his shoes and walked to the living room.

"I'm home" Nothing, he thought that maybe Akihito wasn't home and that he was ju careless th his clothes. Asami liked the idea of having Akihito waiting for him when he arrived, the meals Akihito cooked for him, and the bentos Akihito prepared wi proportional  healthy als for him saying that he didn't want him fat. And he liked especially when Akihito greeted him with a shy kiss and a blush in his adorable face, and he sometimes would wait for Asami so they could have dinner together. He didn't show it but he was a really happy man, the happiest man alive, he feels that both of them where a true couple, but Asami was afraid of Akihito's reaction if he ever tell him th weakness, fe he wanted to build a family with Akihito, hav successor t throne, pire he built, let someone continue h legacy  the Asami name, but he was afraid of the cruel world he lived in and dragged Akihito with him,Asami Ryuichi scared hu A chuckle. Asami cared for him, he loved hi love…? No… I can't love no one, I can't show emotions, weakness, that for fools and weak and I am none. Akihito…Only Akihito&helli he was awaken from his thought when he heard the shower and then a whimper. He walked to the master bedroom and saw Akihito's boxer by the door, he walked closer and heard a whimper and then a moan coming from the other side of the door, he stripped all of his clothes and entered the bathroom in his birthday suit, he walked slowly and inside carefully not to make a sound just like a predator. He looked, his golden eyes shining with lust as he spotted the figure of his Akihito, his beloved behind a wall of steam, and he could hear him perfectly now. He was playing with his ass and jerking of while moaning his name… his given name…

"Mnnnn… Ryu…!" Moaned Akihito in the haze of his passion.


Akihito didn't know why he was in that state, but he just thought of Asami and their many adventures in bed and that worked like aphrodisiac, making him hot and bothered just like that. He was jerking off while inserting his finger in his ass, that was rare he normally didn't play with his bottom but today was exception d he tried to do like Asami did to him several times, but it wasn't enough, he needed something bigger, wider, but Asami would only be home late, so his fingers would have to do the work he moaned and whimpered calling Asami name.

"Mnnnn… Ryu…" he didn't know why he called Asami's first name but it felt good, it was a pity he would never do it while he was with Asami. Then he heard a noise and felt strong arms wrapping around his waist, one hand in his hip and the other on top of his in his cock and a deep sexy velvety voice and a warm breath next to his ear, he gasped startled.

"Yes kitten?" Asami purred.

"A- A- Asami?! What the hell are you doing here you pervert?!"

Tbc. pleas comment and tell me what you think ! ^^

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